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Could I hold you in my silence

Could I hold you in my silence, where words no longer mean inner certainty, mean anything. It is this moment, caught in midair. What is, is good & the only gift, we can offer each other, is to let go of every word - a prison, unable to catch the inner landscape, vast like the mesa, the ocean. A million words can never say, what I want to tell you. Can never say, what I want to tell you. (c) Susanne Becker

Writing at the Fundacion Valparaiso in Mojacar, Spain

„…and you too have come into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled with light, and to shine.“ Mary Oliver I am home from my first writing residency with other artists. In Herekeke , three years ago, I was alone with Miss Lilly and my endlessly talkative mind. There were also the mesa, the sunsets, the New Mexico sky, the silence and wonderful Peggy Chan, who came by once a day. She offers this perfect place for artists, and I will be forever grateful to her. The conversations we had, resonate until today within me. It was the most fantastic time, I was given there, and the more my time in Spain approached, I pondered second thoughts: Should I go? Could I have a time like in Herekeke somewhere else, with other people? It seemed unlikely. When I left the airport in Almeria with my rental car, I was stunned to find, that the andalusian landscape is so much like New Mexico. Even better, because, it has an ocean too. I drove to Mojacar and to the FundacionValparaiso

what i learn here, qué aprendo yo aqui, was ich hier lerne (a poem, una poema, ein Gedicht))

what i learn here  language is my playground but also: i learn beyond language no words needed words can be a wall everything is a poem a piece of green glass age is a myth a rock a snail shell my face is your face my face is a cloud is a poem could i put a coat of my words around you it would be a poem what i find here now i am very clear the object of art is freedom the subject too never for money always for love can we share this? yes: because poetry is in everything qué aprendo yo aquí la lenguaje es mi patio de recreo pero tambien: aprendo más allá de lenguaje mis palabras no son necesarias palabras como un muro todo es un poema un vidrio roto verde la edad es un mito una piedra una concha de caracol mi cara es tu cara mi cara es una nube es un poema yo me vesti con mis palabras como un abrigo sería un poema qué me encuentro aquí ahora soy muy clara el objeto de arte es libertad el sujeto tambien nunca por dinero siempr

Amanda Palmer - The Art of Asking

A few days ago, I finished Amanda Palmer's book The Art of Asking . It is not written too well. The text is not really one piece, but many many single pieces, sewed together a bit randomly, I felt, while reading. Though, they all point in the same direction. The language is not special, or especially good. It is the kind of language, simple, in which people talk about this and that. All this was pretty much clear from the start. She is not a writer. But she is an artist with a message. This message is the point of the entire endeavour of her book. To bring across a certain point. The message is something like this: You deserve to be loved. You deserve to be supported. You deserve to go out there and ask for love and support. You  might be surprised, how much of it you get. Even from strangers. Even from friends. The message is also: create as many random acts of kindness and love along your life path, as you possibly can. So it is a double message in my eyes: ask for what you