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Es werden Posts vom September, 2016 angezeigt.

Buch der Woche - Leben von Karl Ove Knausgard

Es wird sehr viel getrunken. Es wird sehr viel die Frage gestellt: "Werde ich jemals Sex haben?" oder auch: "Kann ich überhaupt Sex haben?" Es ist ein Buch über Knausgards späte Adoleszenz, die Jahre zwischen 16 und 18 etwa - das Ende der Schulzeit und ein Jahr in Nord-Norwegen, wo er als Aushilfslehrer gearbeitet hat. Dieser vierte Band von Mein Kampf, "Leben" , hat mich von Anfang an nicht ganz so intensiv gepackt wie "Lieben" und "Sterben", in denen beiden ich quasi versunken war, die ich praktisch inhaliert habe. Dennoch: niemals wäre es mir in den Sinn gekommen, dieses Buch halb gelesen beiseite zu räumen. Der Suchtfaktor, von dem im Zusammenhang mit ihm so viele Leser sprechen, hat mich definitiv auch hier wieder gepackt. Wie ich es schon in meiner Besprechung nach der Lektüre von Sterben erwähnte: Ich bin ein Fan von Knausgard. Das hat sich nicht geändert. Ich mag seine Art, offen und ohne Maske (zumindest gehe ich davon aus,


To be with the open questions, without expecting answers. All, the endlessness offers,  is yours. All, the quietude offers, is yours. To be with the open questions, without expecting answers, might become your life. Who am I as a mother? Who am I as a woman? Who am I as a friend? Who am I as a partner? How do I write a good novel? What is my novel about? To be with the open questions. Your open questions, whatever they are, Quiet and patient – burning in their fire at times – the rest will follow - Trust – (c) Susanne Becker

Book of the Week - The Vegetarian by Han Kang

"Sister...all the trees of the world are like brothers and sisters." I suppose, everyone feels it, this wild side, some more, some less. We have it in us. It connects us with life, with nature, with animals and plants, not just other human beings. In order to live and function in a human society, in our kind of human society, we have to suppress this side more or less completely, in order to not be considered weird, or even sick. Too much feeling, to much sensibility, and you can not share this capitalist, high achievement way of life, in which control is one of the most important assets. For me, before everything else, The Vegetarian by Han Kang is a book about a woman ( and it is not coincidental, that it has to be a woman, since in every society, ancient and modern, women have been and are still considered the ones most connected to life and nature), who basically wants to leave the brutality of human behaviour. She starts by not eating meat anymore. Since this woman


the sky - a poem rewritten every instant clouds telling stories with many or few colours of what was what is what will be when the sun goes down each night a new scenario to burn your past in the fire she who seeks light shall not be afraid of the fire one has to be burned like the day in an ever more perfect sunset to be born again every morning in an ever more perfect sunrise to burn your past in the fire every word you ever wrote every word you never wrote she who wants to be alive needs not fear the bears needs not fear the fire needs not fear the dark light of the soul & the emptiness to burn your past in the fire every word you ever wrote every word you never wrote (c) Susanne Becker