Freitag, 26. August 2016

poem for a bear

Today I wrote a poem in my head.
I was still asleep, now I do not remember
its words.
Today I saw a bear,
in my dreams only,
he did not look at me.
His profile was beautiful.
He had more dignity than any other being, I ever saw.

I am the invisible woman,
writing poems, in my head only,
where they belong.
Today I did yoga with a view
into the vast landscape of northern New Mexico.
It is like the sky, but in landform.
It is like the ocean, but in landform.
Today is my first day in Herekeke.
Somehow, I can already tell,
that magic is at work here.
Opening senses, I did not know, I possessed.
My thoughts are talking in verses to me,
too fast to catch, to put on paper

I am the invisible woman.
Someone is writing poems in my head,
for bears to read.

(c) Susanne Becker

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