Samstag, 6. Juli 2013

A suitcase for my books

Now I am finally actually, oh god, I am so relieved to get out of here, packing, for my vacation.
And since I've read a lot and since some of the books I meant to pack and mentioned in my earlier fantasy list  written for the case, time might ever actually pass and have me hop a plane to Mallorca, are read by now, this is the list of books, I am now really taking with me:
That does not look like much, but hey, its about 2300 pages to read and considering that I will not read more than say: average a 100 pages every day, I will not even finish them. I am only gone for two weeks, 14 days, approximately 1400 pages (sometimes I manage to top myself and read 200 pages, but that means that I need to ignore the entire life going on around me which is, quite frankly, difficult if you travel with your family, if you know what I mean). There is other stuff to do: I have to swim, to play and talk and do stuff with my kids and man,  to sleep, to just lie around and think, to just lie around and not even think (thats actually right now the MOST IMPORTANT point on my agenda), to sun bathe, to do some sightseeing (I wanna go back to Arta
and definitely to Belèm
and I am curious to find new favourite spots on this island, where there is so much to disvover away from the average touristy paths. Lilly wants to see a real cave, I wanna see some castle and we definitely want to visit Palma this time.)
I want to maybe write into my journal, maybe, and maybe I will work a bit on the novel I hate, very very maybe. There is spanish wine to drink, very very likely, spanish food to devour, spanish people to watch, ... I already feel like I am there and I wished I could say: I am only gone for 2 months, haha.
Can't wait to go on board in 8 hours. You all have a great time too and see you all soon again here!

© Susanne Becker

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