Freitag, 22. November 2013


to believe in miracles
in the idea that things
you really want to happen
will happen
mist covering the city
everything wet though it is not raining
you have to be open

to be afraid of death
ultimately means to be
afraid of life
it is November                                   after all
what kind of miracle
get real
could possibly happen in November?

clothes covering people
in layers upon layers
until Christmas there will be
no people left, just clothes
carrying bags with gifts
and rain
or snow
what kind of miracle
could happen in November
of course one wants to withdraw
from everything
to become human again
in the depth of ones own thinking
people really cover me in
layers upon layers of bad feelings
between November and March

if you can keep your heart open
even in November
even under all those layers
of clothes
of wetness
of mist
of bad feelings
(I saw you in November
I did not look at you
it felt like a victory)
for a short moment
then defeat again
what kind of miracle
could happen in November
when all the miracles
are signs of early spring, April,
the blossoming
of cherrytrees

© Susanne Becker

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