Samstag, 2. November 2013

shooting stars and fishes

we sat by the fire
and waited for shooting stars
all summer long
you saw many I saw none
I never knew what you wished for
I wished for our friendship to never end
I wished for this summer to never end
but I didn't see a single shooting star
so I knew it could not be 
like I knew everything else in advance
and like everything else I did not admit this to myself
of course not, how could I have
when every shooting star before
I mean my whole life, every f*****g shooting star
had been greeted with 
a wish to meet a friend like you

I swam in the lake
and counted the fishes
eager to find a sign
to prove that we were meant
just like that
meant, as whatever, care did I not
every form would have been fine with me
the only thing I knew for sure was hooked to "forever"
seventeen fishes, none of them touched my belly
which was not a good sign
fishes should swim so close to touch you
if they wanted to come close to being a good sign
you sat by the shore
staring your darkness into the ground
until I saw, you had dug a tunnel to the other side
there was never a way
I could have avoided touching you
there was never a way
I could have followed you 
it was meant and it was over
before it began
so this is my last poem for you
because you can not be touched

before I was born I knew you
it was a bone thing
therefore wherever I go
something will trigger a memory of you
like we had spent a lifetime together
which we have, on a pair of cloudy chairs
in front of a glowing fire
black and blue the sky around us
filled with sparkling little lights
waiting to be our shooting stars

© Susanne Becker

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