Dienstag, 20. Mai 2014


I believed to be empty
after all: there is no
right to expect anything
not even...I believed
to be without but had
to discover the narrowness
of what I wanted
a chessboard pattern
of black and white squares
filled with how I wanted
things to be - and people too.
designed to make life
feel okay, even when it was not
or was - what did you care?
about anything but love
as a concept of carrying
each other through - every time
something went wrong
and anyway all the good times
plenty plenty of them
not to be counted
each one a perfect diamond
in time and space
strung around my neck
to draw me close to
understand that maybe
I could be expected to
just cherish each one as it
appears, one at a time,
and then let go....

© Susanne Becker