Freitag, 30. August 2013

Love letter

I wrote a love letter about
what has yet to happen
there could be a kiss
maybe under the full moon
into the valley of thoughts
my yearning for you
feels like a runaway deer
deep down in a silent winter forest

I even love you when you yell at me!
I am really good at love letters.
In my head
I write one to you every day.
In my hand
a tear gathers strength
(sidenote, sorry: I am happy
and grateful to be human
and therefore able to cry. How
else would I process all my feelings?)
(additional note to myself, sorry, I will continue with
my poem right after this, but this is important:
should cry more, much more, definitely)

What has yet to happen?
a kiss
a touch

I wrote a love letter
to you into my open palm
tears washing over the
syllables like waves on the beach
I read it to the cat
my voice shaking
the cat purring 

I wrote a love letter
to you and never send it off
because every word I wrote
is out there anyway
is no word
is a beat of an open heart
a glance
a sigh
what has yet to happen?
I mean, not much, really

© Susanne Becker
Foto by Armin Staudt