Mittwoch, 7. August 2013

someone is calling my name

someone is calling my name
me i am deaf
especially to myself
busy with talking too much
to myself
drowning the truth in
a bucket full of water words
meaningless really
streaming down my throat

i am calling my name
it could be
that i’ll answer one day
without a word

someone is calling my name
with a meaning
a reason
or without
who cares
water words
descending into my life
every second
on this desperate wave
my tongue
my mouth too dry to be quiet
to keep breathing
under a veil of silence
would be my ideal

someone is calling my name
sssshhhhhht – quiet
listen (spoken in a soft whisper)
do you hear someone
calling my name?
the wind caresses the tree
its leaves quivering with anticipation
of whatever
who cares
cherries dropping into the meadow
my feet bloody red from their juices
hey caller from a distant future
may I beg you to shut the f**k up?
you are too close
much too close

© Susanne Becker
Foto by Armin Staudt

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