Freitag, 20. September 2013

it is fall

it is raining now
and summer is over
wet is the meadow
beneath my feet
sadness fills the air,
is the air,
a tear is a raindrop,
fall is always a goodbye
seldom a hello!

could I open my heart,
look there – a single cloud
covering my entire sky,
could I open my heart
without pain,
I would do it,
I swear.
I never wanted an umbrella,
stupid me,
the sun so fraudulent,
smitten was I and took it as a promise
for forever.
I should though have gotten that raincoat,
you always said it would rain
one day.
open your heart,
the meadow wet beneath my feet,
a single cloud covering my everything,
no sky
my naked feet
vanishing in the grass drunken with tears

© Susanne Becker
Foto by Armin Staudt

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