Donnerstag, 26. September 2013

My favourite bookshopowners introduce their favourite books (Meine Lieblingsbuchhändlerinnen stellen Ihre aktuellen Lieblingsbücher vor) (4)

My favourite bookshopowners from my neigborhood, Katja Weber und Jessica Ebert, introduce from time to time favourite or interesting books here. They are constantly reading and whenever the rare case happens, that I don't know what to read next, I stroll over to their shop (5 minutes from my apartment) and they know how to help me. Sometimes I don't go there, because I know I will spend money. Even if I know what to read next and next and even next, their selection is so wonderful, that I always want to buy a book there. l am happy and honored to have won them as my guest bloggers. Jessica is british plus she just returmed from the States, so she wrote in english, usually though this series is in german and I will not change that!

The funny thing is, that the book, she recommends this time is one that has been crossing my path constanty lately - on the internet, in bookstores, in conversations with friends and strangers,  and actually I have been reading it for the past week or so, because a friend from the states left it here, when she flew back. I will probably finish it tonight. It is a great and entertaining read and seemingly it is everywhere right now! So go out and get it too!

Also: If you ever come to Kreuzberg, go and visit their shop ebertundweber. They have books in english and in german, from independent little publishing companies, beautiful fotobooks, books about gardening, and also great paper, calendars and other beautiful stuff. Did I mention that it is my favourite bookstore?
P.S. Ahem, the gin and tonic is soon, VERY soon! How about sunday????

Hi Susanne,

how are things?
I'm back from the Wild West, and when I wasn't gazing at the amazing
rocky wilderness I read this book.:
Wild by Cheryl Strayed.
A young woman, after her mothers death and her
own divorce, sells her belongings and decides to walk the Pacific Crest
Trail from the Mojave Desert up to the Canadian border, over 1000 miles.
It's a dangerous undertaking, and you feel for Strayed every step she
takes. The huge challenge helps her mind and heart to heal and gradually
she finds herself again. Loved it. Not quite the same thing in
Brandenburg unfortunately.

See you soon!


P.S: When is the gin and tonic?

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