Donnerstag, 5. September 2013

this is again not about me

I wonder where the voice is
this patient loving voice
in my head embracing
the universe with all
its flaws – I used to love
different piles of laundry
the blue pile, the red pile,
the green pile – I could relax
putting pieces of dirty laundry on the right pile
filling the laundry machine with red
or green or brown or black
with an illusion of there might
actually be a system behind all of this
and I might actually get it one day

patience and a certain love
for open questions used to be
alright for me - not anymore
most things in life are
unresolved most of the time
it did not bother me I knew
life was a bitch and I was willing
to wait for my destiny
I could sit out life easily -
not anymore and yet I know
this is again not about me
if I can not get down to the
deepest heart of what really matters

what really matters
what really matters
keep breathing
what really matters
is you

I meant what really matters
is EVERYTHING but you
forget you
I wished I were smarter
in control
like I used to be
I wished there was patience
in me for the unresolved
for the open questions
that I could breathe with them
that I could sort my laundry
by colours - but actually
I can't do it anymore

© Susanne Becker
Fotos by Armin Staudt

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