Freitag, 27. Dezember 2013

every truth is always personal

theoretically I am already twenty years ahead
I am already where I want to be
there is so much stillness in my future
I don’t even notice the blabbering in my brain
anymore and I could swear it is gone
and everything difficult has been unknotted
if I can keep breathing – in, out, in, out,
I might actually get there
and not just in my head
my body could follow, easily
there might be a miracle waiting for me

how I entangle myself in the endless
layers of hope, though, over and over,
in selfishness -
hope is always selfishness too,
though I know better,
at least most of the time,
in my head I basically know everything,
I am not exaggerating!

well anyway:
it remains an amazing miracle,
why somebody knowing basically everything,
behaves like somebody who knows nothing

up and down I jump the always same stairs
in between knowing,
that nothing really is about me,
or ever was about me -
glimpses of truth

                        the truth is not personal
jump at my throat,
make me dizzy
make me cry - so much relief,
I can hardly bear it -
up and down I jump

there might be peace
there might be grace
a hand touching my forehead
and whispering softly: 
every truth is always personal

© Susanne Becker

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