Montag, 6. Januar 2014


this will be a year without
it never is about how much you are loved
but always about how much ... you know
this will be my year without hope
which sounds bad, but is not,
but is actually good
because, without hope,
there is room for truth.
this will be a year of truth

over the past days
a new bird has been coming
to my feeder on the balcony
its head, so little, is almost white,
like eggshells,
like champagne,
its wings are of a very light brown,
its voice is crystal clear
and sings a beautiful song,
while devouring my nuts.
yesterday it brought a mate,
looking just like it,
also singing, also devouring,
on my balcony,
while the cat and I were watching -
me carefully, the cat in eager hope,
through the glass door

it never has been about how much you receive,
but always about how much you give -
which is much more complicated
than you might think
on first glance

this will be a year without hope -
empty corners to be flooded -
let me fill you with the waters of clarity.

this will be a year without
- all gone
and I still hope to be
 saved from drowning
in these empty corners,
in those waters of clarity.

© Susanne Becker

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