Dienstag, 1. Januar 2013

lost in thoughts before taking a shower

"...before we knew it, we were all sitting around talking about Hitler. Because I don’t know what could be more festive than talking about Hitler."
This blog Motherhood in New York cracks me up! Also I started reading "Hope: A Tragedy" last night. Since Berlin sounds like the gaza strip during new years night, I could not sleep until 3 a.m. The book is really funny and yet deep and yet stirring and yet... I am only on page 70 but I love it already. Read it if you do not have anything else to do right now. 
Funny how you stop reading "Anna Karenina" about which I will write something sooner or later (give me a little time to digest, please) and not once in the godammit 3 months I needed to finish those 1000 pages anything crossed my path to remind me of Russia or Tolstoi or a forbidden love affair, you name it, and I start reading about the Third Reich and boooom, everywhere you turn you read Hitler or Jews or Holocaust again. I read the book and find this post and somehow, maybe it is my new years hangover, I see a connection. Before I see more connections and loose myself on the first day of the new year in thoughts the world does not need really,  I will go and take a shower, a much needed shower I might add!

Happy New Year to everybody out there reading my blog! Thanks for following me around! 

Found out that the noise until 3 wasn't like the ususal new years hysterical celebrators but, typical for Kreuzberg, some people, presumably autonomous fighters for anarchy (though I rather suspect turkish youngsters who pretend to be autonomous fighters for anarchy, or maybe really they are but in a whole different sense, or they are fighters for "freedom" and feel they sympathize with the palestines in Gaza) set a huge trash container on fire, waited for the police and fire department to arrive and then had a little back and forth battle with them on the corner of our street 2 blocks away. Yeah, May 1st celebration I can smell you in the air already! 
When bicycling to work this morning I saw the black and wet and smelling remainders (thanks to my friend Brad Thomas Birchett I realized the word rest is german and does not mean remainders in English/Thank you Brad!) shattered all over the intersection. But this is Berlin, it will all be removed by, say, mhm, monday, or maybe tuesday.

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