Mittwoch, 25. Juni 2014

this was your one

this was your one
for happiness and light
to enter your life
for Garden Eden to
take over the battlefield
of your soul your being
to water the plants and
the pond big enough
to swim in fish and men

this was your one
for love and hope to
take over the desperate
veil behind which: pain
and fear and bitterness
of course nobody needs
to take a chance and
some chances might even
return there is never destiny
there is never your one chance
your last chance your only chance
there is only life always only

this was your one
for love and happiness
and hope and light and
the possibility to swim
in an endless ocean of
what can happen if you
are open enough to embrace
the waves of life entering
your fenced in backyard

then again: a butterfly once
was and she taught me
that in the end it does not
even matter if you take
any chance at all because
life goes on and always is 

© Susanne Becker

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