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30 Movies one should see before one dies/30 Filme die man gesehen haben sollte!!

This is a list of all the movies (well almost all the movies) I have seen in my life meaning something to me. I still believe they are all among the best movies ever made! So go, get, watch and enjoy them!!!
I do not give any guarantee for this list being complete. I might add the one or other movie from time to time since I am still watching a lot whenever I get a chance and also, my memory might give me back some I have forgotten right now.
I am always interested in good movies, so tell me what you like to watch!

  • Whats eating Gilbert Grape One of the best perfomances of Leonardo di Caprio and Jonny Depp I have ever seen. Not to forget the absolutely brilliant Juliette Lewis. She was also in:
  • Kalifornia which is one of my favourite thrillers (and I hate thrillers ususally) but this one is wonderful. Brad Pitt as, well, psycho. Very convincing!
  • Thelma & Louise Talking about Brad Pitt, but even better Harvey Keitel, Susan Sarandon and Geena Davis, who was in another favourite film of mine:
  • The accidental tourist with also William Hurt, just like in
  • Smoke that got also Harvey Keitel in it again. And here comes one of the very best movies ever with him:
  • The Piano that also got one of my favourite actresses in it: Holly Hunter! She won an Oscar for this and I think her dress was just smashing.
  • Miss Firecracker also with Holly Hunter will always remind me of all the times I went to see movies with my friend Anne-Marie in Richmond/Virginia. We would go every weekend and we sometimes saw three movies in a row. Fabulous!
  • Dead Man Walking with some of my favourite actors: Sean Penn, Susan Sarandon and one of the most moving movies I've seen so far.
  • Just like: The Deer Hunter with Robert de Niro, Meryl Streep, Christopher Walken. Just so you all know why I love Robert de Niro listen to this speech by Meryl Streep about him. I could put all of his movies in here. And all of Mery Streeps as well. This one is brilliant, I always loved it:
  • Casino Robert de Niro is fabulous in it! 
  • Heat with also Al Pacino staring. Just the duell between those wonderful actors is worth watching it several times, which I did.
  • Another very good, very male movie Shawshank Redemption. I loved its humour, the lightness with which it finally found its resolution. A real redemption!
  • My most recent favourite movie Die Frau die singt. It is set in the Lebanon and a very touching and deep story. I actually wrote a poem about it.
  • My favourite movie from last year, 2012, was  Barbara a story about a woman who wanted to leave the german democratic republic and was therefore punished. Very deep and beautiful acting by Nina Hoss, one of my favourite actresses. She definitely should win an Oscar :-) 
  • Another one from last year Cheyenne This must be the place  I have not understood why it was completely ignored by the Academy.
  • I can not have this list without a Woody Allen movie Annie Hall
  • and also Manhattan has to be on it. Those two might be my favourites by him. 
  • Pulp Fiction I mean I dont think I have to say anything about this movie, right? It is one of my alltime favourites, it got Bruce Willis in it, whom I only like because of Tilman Rammstedt, but also Harvey Keitel, Uma Thurman!!!, Christopher Walken and it is by Quentin Tarantino, whom I really like! And do not forget the soundtrack! and the dancescenes! and the brain scattered around the car!
  • Die fabelhafte Welt der Amelie is a fabulous french movie about love and magic with a beautiful soundtrack to which Lilly and I have been dancing forever, whenever we are in the kitchen.
  • As good as it gets I think I saw this movie at least five times. The last time was in the air between London and Johannesburg and it helped me immensely to forget my fear of flying. It is a movie about love and acceptance and craziness and the acting is superb. Helen Hunt!! Jack Nicholson!!
  • And if we are at Jack Nicholson, we have to mention this one as well. Something's gotta give. It has Diane Keaton in it who is a favourite of mine as well, ever since Annie Hall.
  • The Hours is a masterpiece for me with masteractresses: Nicole Kidman, Meryl Streep, Julianne Moore. I already loved the book and this is one rare case where I love both, book and movie alike.
  • Fargo is a really good movie with a masteractress again: Frances McDormand who was also in Cheyenne This must be the Place. She won the Oscar for Fargo. Her acceptance speech was beautiful.
  • Nader und Simin was a wonderful iranian movie which was shown at the Berlin Film Festival two years ago. It is such a deep psychological and political tale. It teaches us a lot about life in Iran. The two actors won the silver bear for their acting. It was one of the very best movies I saw in 2011.
  • Lost in Translation I am not sure I mentioned how much I like Bill Murray. But I do! He is among the greatest!
  • Pride and Prejudice Oooooooh, Mr. Darcy!!! What a romantic movie!
  • Fried Green Tomatoes its a beautiful movie about women and friendship! I could watch it every month!
  • And then of course there are three movies without which one can not go on living, you have to see them at least once in your life! Mary PoppinsVom Winde verweht and of course Breakfast at Tiffany's
Missing are my favourite movies from 2013, which I will mention in my soon to be expected post about all the favourite things I saw, did and read in 2013. If you are bored until then, you might wanna check out my list of favourites from 2012. Movies are mentioned there I have not mentioned here!

  • Missing is also Moonstruck, which definitely has to be in a list like this. So from now on its 31 movies
  • here is another one I am watching right now Blue Sky which I totally forgot and should definitely be on every liste, with Tommy Lee Jones and Jessica Lange in it, so it is 32 and still counting...
  • I have to put some movies on here now and then: I saw Amour, it's a movie, that makes you cry and still: its one of the best movies I ever saw about love and death
  • I also saw Hannah Arendt, a wonderful movie about the life of one of last century's greatest thinkers. I had to see it, because the actress Barbara Sukowa is in my opinion one of the best actresses we have in Germany, and the director Margarethe von Trotta has always been one of my favourites. I saw her Die bleierne Zeit about the female RAF-terrorists really impressed me, when I was 17, 18 years old
  • August:Osage County wonderful film with great actors, telling a story, that is grand! Loved it!

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