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The Artist is Present

Marina Abramovic is a perfomance artist. She was born in 1946 in Belgrad, a daughter of partisans in the army of Tito. She was raised to be like a soldier. Her mother never hugged or kissed her in order not to spoil her. Her performances often put her body in the center and are shocking, because they come so close and/or they put the audience in a position to participate, to cross borders. In her performance Rythm 10 she plays with knives and actually hurts herself. In her performance Rythm 0 she gave among others a gun and a bullet to the audience. 6 hours long, the audience could please, torture, ignore her, they were free to use the different objects on her. In the end she was naked and full of blood. Interesting how fast a crowd of people can turn into a mob. For me this is what Abramovic among other things wanted to show with this performance. "She is directly and boldly challenging the audience." In a way she challenges peoples very optimistic view on themselves.

The Artist is Present is a performance she made during her MoMA retrospective with the same title. It was like destiny, she said, that she would have to do this performance. She knew it right away after Klaus Biesenbach told her the name of the retrospective. The Artist is Present was in the beginning just thought as the claiming of the pure fact that a performance artist is present. Without him, no performance. But Marina Abramovic, maybe the most radical artist right now, took this literally and decided to be present for the entire time the exhibition would be open. For three months, for 721 hours she sat in the atrium of the museum on a simple chair, across from her was another chair, and visitors could come and sit across from her, and they indeed did come.When the exhebition came to its end people would just spend all night in front of the MoMA hoping to get a number and thus the chance to sit across from her. Abramovic did rarely move, she just looked every visitor in the eyes. Clear and open. Did you ever try to sit motionless for, say 10 minutes? Did you ever try to sit motionless and have other people sit across from you, looking into your eyes and not look away but let everything pass between you and the other person, complete openness?
I was very impressed by her courage. For many years now I am interested in buddhism, I meditate, I am intrigued by the idea to find stillness, quietude (btw if you watch any piece about the performance you will instantly hear how loud it was inside the MoMA and she was an island of concentration and stillness). Watching Marina Abramovic, she reminded me of great buddhist masters, who become totally empty thus being a perfect blank space for everybody elses projections. She says it at one point in the movie, that it was not about her but that people saw their own projections in her face. I think this is true. "She slows everybodys brain down."
I asked myself: "Could I do this?" and the answer is, I am not even sure I would have had the courage to go and sit across from her at MoMA. I would have loved though to be there, the entire three months, in this charismatic space she created and kept alive despite her exhaustion, despite her pain, (my knees and back start aching when I sit for 15 minutes on my meditation cushion, just the idea of sitting still for 7 hours is unthinkable and yet, of course it holds some magnetic fascination) I would have been one of the girls sitting cross-legged, all day, every day, absorbing the whole situation. Watching the movie I thought: "Would it not  truly be enough to be just still for the rest of my life? Would that not catch everything our human existence could possibly be about?

Just as a funny sidenote: Fox News has a small appearance in the movie, :-) one of my favourites!!!


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Travelling Home

You are like a foreign country. I do not speak your language. Drowning in your eyes, which I can not read. What you do, goes right through me, cuts me open, I think, I might lose myself, in you, which is a story about you, which is a story about myself.
The first time we sat in a train, you sat across from me, told me about your life. I knew, I would rather not leave the train, ever. What feels like home? Riding around Berlin in a train, listening to your story, swimming in your eyes away from what I knew as home, but was not. Never could be, because I moved in, when I was a stranger to myself.
Every plastic flower on the table, in the vietnamese restaurant, remember? was the most beautiful thing, I ever laid my eyes on. Of course you. The shabby plastic table. The pho was very good! Best soup, I ever tasted, while locking myself into your universe.
You are like a foreign country. I travel you, and while getting lost, again, I find so much about myself, I never knew existed.…

Asymmetrie von Lisa Halliday

"He called her mermaid. She didn't know why."
Gerade habe ich Asymmetrie von Lisa Halliday beendet und vielleicht ist es eines der Bücher, das mich am stärksten aus meiner „comfort zone“ katapultiert hat. Weil eine amerikanische, weiße, im Grunde privilegierte Frau, die in der Literaturwelt arbeitet, ihren Horizont so derart transzendiert, dass es sie in die Lage versetzt, mit der Stimme eines irakisch-amerikanischen Mannes zu schreiben, der am Londoner Flughafen davon abgehalten wird, in Großbritannien einzureisen. Dabei möchte er dort nur zwei Tage bleiben, seinen Freund Alastair, einen Kriegsjournalisten, treffen und dann, über Istanbul, weiter in den Irak reisen. Aber man lässt ihn nicht. Er hat zwei Pässe. Er ist auch Iraker. Irakisch ist eine der verdächtigen Nationalitäten. Terroristen sind Iraker. Die Geschichte dieses Mannes, seiner Familie, ein Teil der Geschichte des Irak macht aber erst den zweiten Teil dieses wunderbaren Buches aus. Im ersten Teil hat die I…

100 bemerkenswerte Bücher - Die New York Times Liste 2013

Die Zeit der Buchlisten ist wieder angebrochen und ich bin wirklich froh darüber, weil, wenn ich die mittlerweile 45 Bücher gelesen habe, die sich um mein Bett herum und in meinem Flur stapeln, Hallo?, dann weiß ich echt nicht, was ich als nächstes lesen soll. Also ist es gut, sich zu informieren und vorzubereiten. Außerdem sind die Bücher nicht die gleichen Bücher, die ich im letzten Jahr hier erwähnt hatte. Manche sind die gleichen, aber zehn davon habe ich gelesen, ich habe auch andere gelesen (da fällt mir ein, dass ich in den nächsten Tagen, wenn ich dazu komme, ja mal eine Liste der Bücher erstellen könnte, die ich 2013 gelesen habe, man kann ja mal angeben, das tun andere auch, manche richtig oft, ständig, so dass es unangenehm wird und wenn es bei mir irgendwann so ist, möchte ich nicht, dass Ihr es mir sagt, o.k.?),  und natürlich sind neue hinzugekommen. Ich habe Freunde, die mir Bücher unaufgefordert schicken, schenken oder leihen. Ich habe Freunde, die mir Bücher aufgeford…