Freitag, 22. März 2013

Marina Abramovic "What is your purpose in life?"

Today was the day where I dived into inspirational women artists lifes and works, by accident really. Going through posts on Facebook and finding exactly the right counterparts for my mood, for my longing, for my open questions.
This interview with Marina Abramovic is fantastic. She is soooo smart and exceptional. I can not wait to see her movie The Artist is present. I do not know if any of you saw the part, where her former lover and partner Ulay came to the MoMa. She did not know he was coming. Please watch it! It will touch you. She is so amazing, so present, so open and vulnerable. A true artist. A true creator. I understood, that you can only be an artist, a creator in what ever art or field, if you dare being this open and vulnerable. Everything else is a concept.
My day of amazing women! I feel truly inspired and nourished. Thank you Marina Abramovic and Agnes Martin.

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