Freitag, 22. März 2013

Agnes Martin: The best things happen to you when you're alone

The painter Agnes Martin would have been 101 years old today. The interview with her is really inspiring and speaks deeply to everything I believe, to everything I think about.
She lived like a buddhist nun or a mystic in the desert of New Mexico and tried to reduce her live, her art, herself to the essence of life, of being. A mystic and a great artist. In may a new book about her will come out. It was supposed to come out last march, celebrating her 100th birthday. So I hope it will come out in may! I think I might get it.
Another book of writings by her Agnes Martin: Writings/Schriften is unfortunately out of print and if you try to get it second hand, say on Amazon, it will cost  you several hundred euros. Wow! Couldn't they just reprint it? I am sure it is a good book! Hello publishers, I am sure you could make some money with it!
I wanna read it. Does anybody have it and would borrow it to me?

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