Samstag, 1. März 2014


I’ve made a list of questions
to which I no longer expect answers
-          Wislawa Szymborska-

I entered the room
and there were light and love.
all questions I ever had,
I ever shouted into your face,
desperate, were answered at once.
I even wondered: why ask at all?
why ask questions?
could I have the patience
to wait for answers
without asking?
every question will be
answered, even the ones,
you do not ask, eventually.
if I try to force answers into being,
they will be different, essentially,
from the ones emerging, while I
sit still, write a poem, write
a hundred poems, listening. 
the answer, that is looking for my
question, that is looking for me,
to kiss my lips in true love, in
true light, will find me.
which answer do I prefer?

© Susanne Becker

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