Montag, 17. März 2014


I looked away from you
on purpose sunshine was 
followed by storm and rain
the first flowers betrayed
bitterly but somehow serenity
prevailed I looked away from you
it was so easy sharing a room
and not noticing you
with every fiber of my being 
- my only task plus
getting over death
embracing death ultimately
there will be total freedom
and nothing else matters
and I am not morbid
it’s just the way it is
and I want to see it clearly
everything else makes
things unnecessarily complicated
to look away from you
during sunshine and storm
my only task - I lost you
I know how it feels in the end
it was not as bad as I thought
the fear to lose you was worse
a broken heart
also death
that is life’s trick
are not as bad as it makes us believe
and now I wish for snow
a lot of snow
I am not ready for summer yet
could there be I wonder another winter
as long and dark as they used to be
so I could sleep for a long time and
nobody would call for me?

© Susanne Becker

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