Dienstag, 11. März 2014

your entire life

to lose hair -
no, I have to be more precise:
to lose MY hair
dream about it,

losing hair,
a sign, obviously,
of aging - of losing control,
your entire life,
no control
about your body,
it is a general thing,
about your life

"your entire life, change"
my great-grandmother Elisabeth, on her lap my grandmother
Maria, my great-uncle Theo, who died, 17 years old,
in WWII,  my great-aunt Klara
after my daughter's birth,
I was 42 years old,
my hair fell out
every day,
and covered the floor
(white) of our bathroom,
it looked awful
it made me weep

I always used to be
the kind of woman, to whom
hairdressers exclaimed
something like: Oh my God,
your hair is just soooo beautiful
and full; and my childhood neighbor
Frau Baden used to grab it
on the street, embarrassing:
your hair is like the mane
of a black horse, so strong and wild.
I blushed, on the street
but still:

first sign of our
soul struggling to free
itself again could be
our hair covering the
bathroom floor -
there are others too,
signs, I mean.

© Susanne Becker

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