Mittwoch, 19. Dezember 2012

Write an elegy

Your death happened
in the middle of life.
Your death happened
for uncounted years
every day
in the middle of life.
We knew we would loose you.
We never talked about it.
It was a certainty,
lingering like a dark shadow over our heads,
that death was part of you
We never talked about it,
never talked at all.
Talking was not part of the family legacy.

True is: Your shadow was the light of my life.
True is: Back than I took shadows for light.
Your shadow was dark
yet colourful, compared to the rest.
Your shadow was creative.
You could create anything with your hands.
Could fix everything with your hands.
Should’ve been a creator,
Should’ve been -
Should’ve been -
There was never a laugh.
Your shadow was not witty,
Not ever.
Bitter – yes
Cynical – yes
I took every cry for a laugh.

I can forget you
Your legacy shaped my life
and it was good to have your shadow
protecting me from compromising myself
too often. It was good to have your shadow
guiding me on a path of my own
(not finished not finished not finished).
I keep your face in my garden.
In my heart grows your throat.
The signs of strangling blossom like purple roses
and cover my dreams with a thousand plans!

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