Mittwoch, 14. November 2012

A beautiful Day

A beautiful Day (1997)

The street is humming below my window.
Soft air comes in and touches my skin.
I have seen a new country today
and shared with friends a beautiful day.
Tired now I have a beer, a cigarette and enjoy
my own company. So many experiences - I do not know where to begin.

If I could sing there would be a song. I begin
to think in colours and sounds lately. My window
to the world has been words, always words. I used to enjoy
my ability of expressing everything. My skin
was breathing out letters. I didnt even have to speak. Every day
of my life has been a trail of organized thoughts. Now I am in sounds. Today

was silence. Now I am in colours. Today
was a luscious blue. I think I could begin
without words. I could breathe a poem into this departing day
for you to drink. You could look out your window,
see your street, and taste my skin.
I never want to speak again. What could one possibly enjoy

in being verbal. I talk a lot but I enjoy
being silent more. I love to say: I dont know. I dont want to know. Today
while visiting a new country, not knowing its language, my skin
was touched by the tenderness of quietude. You begin
to see things without the pressure to express them. A window
to a new world opens up. Quietude can really make my day.

We drove through unknown forests all day
long. I stared out into the woods and tried to inhale everything I saw. It was easy to enjoy
this beautiful land. The window
reflected my friends faces, depending on how the light fell. Today
was a poem. I felt in place. I think I will begin
to trust myself. I know what I want. My skin

tickles with joy. Everything is crystal clear. My skin
is directly connected to my inner voice. Every day
they communicate. They show me my pace, I will begin
to follow them. It is easy to enjoy
a luscious blue, silent drives though forests and over bridges. Did you cross a bridge today?
It is easy to look out a shady window

and see the skin of a day fall into nights’ hands,
then to begin to breathe a poem out that window.
Enjoy the hum of silent coolness - today.

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