Sonntag, 11. November 2012

Leonid, Mira, Raschka and all the others....

Nov 9th is the anniversary of Reichskristallnacht in Germany the night when jewish stores and apartments were attacked and destroyed openly for the first time in such a big number. So I thought I spend a little time at the memorial for the murdered jews of Europe here in Berlin, right next to the american embassy, the Brandenburg Gate and the Reichstag. Its a beautiful place. Maybe I am morbid, but I find it peaceful and it makes me understand on a deep gut level how those things can happen. That the core of it all is the human wish not to see the truth of whats going on, the wish to look away in order to not be involved.

If you ever go there dont miss the room of names. You can sit on one of those white benches and listen for hours to the life stories of all those unknown people who got murdered. Its a question of dignity for me to at least listen to as many stories as possible and try to keep them somewhere in my memory. Its a matter of awareness for me to understand, that not 6 000 000 people were murdered but that Leonid was murdered and he had a wife and 6 children, and Mira was murdered and she only was 15 years of age when she was poisoned by exhaustion fumes or Raschka who was 92 when she died on her transport to Auschwitz...When I am sitting and listening in the room of names it dawns on me that they are not gone. They are still here as part of our lives. Forever they will have formed with their destinies the universe in which I breathe. 
.Memorial to the murdered jews of Europe 

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