Sonntag, 11. November 2012



While in the bluest water
I let myself flow and am one with the universe.
I count my stars and name my blessings.
Nothing seems a mystery,
everything is clear. My name
means lily, white and luscious, clear and flowing.

My sign is connected to the earth, but I am flowing.
If my name means lily, it must be a water-
lily, like in a japanese garden, my name
thus connects me with the rocks, the Zen-universe
and everything else is a mystery.
I count my blessings

and they are plenty, I stroke my blessings
and they curl in my lap like the flowing
body of a purring cat. I  know that life is a mystery
and yet I feel I know the depth of the water
I cross. I am not afraid to talk to the universe
and feel it answers every question. Its name

is always Yes and never Maybe. Its name
is written in gold on the charts of your blessings.
I am not afraid to walk in my universe
or even swim - part of it is flowing
part of it is water.
I was a swimmer in a former life - that is a mystery.

I have solved every mystery
in a former life. I have known it all, the name
of every star. While my arms part the water
I remember those days and my blessings.
I remember to have known everything - flowing,
I was not to separate from the universe

I swam in. Now I have to learn anew. The universe
hides its answers and whispers "mystery".
I part the blue wet cloud, my head is flowing
underneath. I see the earth, I see my name
and the waves with foaming crowns deliver my blessings.
I am born to live in the water.

An earth sign though, with the name of a water lily and
the blessings of a Japanese monk, discipline, quietude,
flowing in the middle of a universe, bearing its mystery.

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